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Empowering women and girls with the will to assert for themselves, the vocabulary to ask for what they want, and the strategies to negotiate successfully under any circumstances

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We are dedicated to teaching and empowering women and girls to negotiate successfully.

Our mission was born out of the need for "everyday" negotiation training. While seminars for professional negotiation and classes on salesmanship are common, workshops that teach and develop the essentials of good negotiation are not.

Ask Smarter is built to meet this need and provide an urgently needed service to the women and girls in our communities.

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Ask Smarter believes every woman should be prepared to effectively assert for herself wherever she goes. We provide a practical approach to getting there.


We tend to think of negotiation as a formal encounter - U.N. brokered peace talks, requests for a salary raise, or a reduction in rent.

In reality, we're constantly negotiating: who wants to pick up the dishwashing soap? Who's going to fold the laundry? Can we get compensation for that delayed flight? How can we incorporate a new idea into the team presentation?

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Statistically, there's a gap in how men and women negotiate and how that negotiation is received - with significant consequences for women's careers and personal lives.

However, research shows that training can reduce and even eliminate negotiation gender disparity. Ask Smarter created and leverages a workshop-based model to train women in the frameworks, vocabulary, and habits of good negotiation.

Women are uniquely equipped to be excellent at negotiation. Ask Smarter helps them get there.

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Our students range from high schoolers, stay-at-home parents, management consultants, lawyers, and social impact leaders. 

We've run workshops for some of the world's largest consulting firms and non-profits as well as small, local community organizations. 

94% of our participants recommend our workshops to others. 92% say they use what they learn within the next three weeks. 93% find the workshop content practical and tangible. 97% are more confident in their ability to negotiate.

Negotiation is a survival skill. And it's one everyone deserves to learn.

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We partner with our community in several ways. Choose the track that's right for you.

At Ask Smarter, our top priority is to empower women and girls, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our partnerships. Get in touch with us to see how you can get involved.

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Tackling the Issue

Many great organizations are already fighting the good fight to help women and girls grow their skills, take on new challenges, and achieve the success they dream of. Negotiation training is a complement to that work, providing women and girls with another core life skill that will help them to navigate the world more effectively.


Making a Difference

We know our workforce isn't only made up of women. We run workshops for everyone on your teams, enabling them to be more effective communicators, better stewards of your resources, and more empowered in their careers going forward. Negotiation training is one of the best investments you can make for you and your people.



Doing What’s Needed

The earlier students get a jump start on negotiation training, the better. We've worked with children as young as seven all the way through to twenty-one-year-old college seniors to teach the essentials of good negotiation. We can run remote workshops as guest speakers, a club activity, or a classroom extension.


Starting the Journey

Many of you may just be looking for a way to learn how to be better at negotiation. You can find us either through our partner events or by participating in our remote online workshops. Join us to learn the basics and then progress to our advanced sessions to start developing your own negotiation style.

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